High Gloss Schuller Kitchens

High Gloss Schuller kitchens are synonymous with German made kitchens. They exude quality and the reflective textures and tones add light and space to the kitchen and living space. The definition of the modern home interior.

A High gloss door option is a particularly popular choice in kitchen design in general but the German kitchen trend was all started many man yyears ago with the white gloss handle-less.

Whilst modern gloss kitchens come in all manners of colour choiuces it was no winder that the white gloss kitchen became so popular. So much so it has become a modern classic icon in kitchen design and interiors, and no wonder, because the lacquering process produces a timeless and elegant appeal that has has rich and vibrant reflective properties which showcases the colour underneath the gloss finish….

High Gloss Schuller German Kitchens - Door Reviews