Schuller Kitchens – Available Door Styles

We are the UK’s leading authorised UK dealer for the Schuller. Designed in the UK and made in Germany. If you want to see all of the available door styles from you can click Schuller Gallery. Below is a more in-depth product page for each door style.

Schuller Alea L091 Crystal white high gloss with K845 Spruce Chalet

Schuller Alea is a High Gloss laquer door style shown here in L091 Crystal white high gloss with K845 Spruce chalet reproduction worktop.

Schuller Bari Castell Beech K810 is shown here with the satin lacquer L365 Glacier blue mix with a K028 Concrete anthracite effect worktop.

Schuller German Kitchens Biella Pastel Green L215

Schuller Biella Pastel Green L215 shown with K045 Lazio Basalt effect worktop is one of over 20+ luxurious colours in a rich satin finish to inject some vibrant tones & hues into your home

Schuller Biella L280 Aqua blue satin

Schuller Biella L280 Aqua Blue Satin door front with K585 Steel Dark Effect worktop for a rich, vibrant and colourful design.

Biella L385 Pastel Rosé Satin

Schuller Biella L385 Pastel rosé satin shown here Old Oak Provence synchronised pore effect doors and Old Oak worktops for a wonderful mix of tones and textures.

Schuller kitchens Biella L485 Moss green satin - main

Schuller Biella L485 Moss Green Satin is a vibrant colour choice.  Whilst used throughout this example kitchen the highlights of Stromboli Grey to the worktops and shelving are subtle yet powerful.

Schuller Cambia L1005 White Satin

Schuller Cambia shown here in a mix of L1005 White Satin and Blue Grey Satin L360 is a modern shaker style perfect for a traditional look with modern kitchen furniture underneath.

Schuller Canto L210 Sand Grey

Canto L210 Sand Grey Satin shown here paired with Oak Havana brown effect worktops is another traditional door style with a shaker influence.

Schuller Casa L213 Sand grey silk gloss

Schuller Casa L213 Sand grey silk gloss shown here with K045 Lazio basalt reproduction worktops is part of a growing trend for modern german kitchens with classic and traditional style door fronts.

Schuller L278 Agate grey silk gloss

Schuller Casa L278 Agate Grey Silk Gloss is shown here with K505 Natural Knotty
Oak reproduction worktops. Casa is available in 7 others colours and curved doors to add to its classic charm

Schuller Corona P247 Stainless steel metallic

Schuller Corona P247 Stainless Steel is a new and very on-trend door style shown here with a mix of K883 Textured Spruce Onyx Black Effect and Systemo Fenix worktops in K187F Fenix Onyx Black Fine Matt

Schuller cremona K793 Old oak provence Wood Decor

Schuller Cremona K793 Old Oak Provence with synchronised pore effect is mixed with a L235 Stone Grey Satin and K790 Old Oak Barrique effect worktops to create a wonderful mix of textured surfaces.

Schuller Domus L213 Sand grey silk gloss

Schuller Domus L213 Sand Grey Silk Gloss shown here with contrasting K189 Lava black textured worktop is a classic panelled door style for modern appeal. Available in several other Silk Gloss colours.

elba K023 Concrete quartz grey

Schuller Elba K023 Concrete Quartz Grey shown here with K795 Oak Heartwood Cognac worktop. Elba comes in three other concrete colours and a Ceramic Steel Grey

Schuller Elba K087 Ceramic steel grey

Schuller Elba K087 Ceramic Steel Grey is one of four textured Elba door styles including Concrete. Shown here with matching Ceramic Steel Grey worktops and end panels for a very architectural look.

Schuller Elba K025 Concrete white grey

Schuller Elba K025 Concrete White Grey shown here with matching Concrete White Grey worktops and decorative panelling is the lightest shade of the Elba Concrete textured door finishes.

Schuller Finca F463 Ash Sage Green

Schuller Finca F463 Ash Sage Green is one of 7 colours from this door style range. Shown here with Systemo Ceramic C2160 Marble Carrara worktops Finca is a modern classic in the making.

Schuller Fino L091U Crystal Gloss and K650 Old oak

Schuller Fino L091U Crystal Gloss is shown here with K650 Old Oak Provence worktop and an Open shelf unit in L385 Pastel Rosé. Fino also comes in Magnolia, Brilliant White, Black and more..

Schuller Gala L091 Crystal white high gloss

Schuller Gala L091 Crystal White High Gloss shown here with a very small hint of L385 Pastel Rosé Satin is a formidable whit gloss handle-less german kitchen. Also available in curved doors and several other colours.

Schuller Gala L091 Crystal white high gloss_

Schuller Gala L091 Crystal White High Gloss shown here Concrete White worktops is any example of the very popular Gala door in its linear option. Also available with curved doors and several other colours.

Schuller Glasline G191 Gloss lava black

Schuller Glasline G191 Gloss Lava Black shown here with K500 Ellmau Oak worktops and back splash is a door front made with real glass. Also available in Matt White and Matt Lava Black the real glass protects the sumptuous colour underneath.

Schuller Lima K855 Norway maple effect

Schuller Lima K855 Norway Maple shown here as a solid colour colour choice is the German answer to a growing trend for Nordic Wood textured kitchen styles. Lima is also available in Knotty Oak (K505)

Schuller Riva L1005 White Satin

Schuller Riva L1005 White Satin, shown here with Systemo quartz Q1230 Marble Victoria White worktop is a modern German take on the classic English Shaker and is available in over 20 colours which can be mixed and matched.

Schuller Rocca F734 Wood Decor kitchen

Schuller Rocca F734 Natural Knotty Oak (Brushed) shown here as a mix with Satin Lacquer L190 Lava Black door fronts and worktop is a darker take of the on-trend Nordic inspired textured kitchen. Also available in Light F728 Knotty Oak.

Schuller Siena L212M Sand grey matt velvet

Schuller Siena L212M Sand Grey Matt Velvet shown here with K053 Marble Bianco worktop Sienna is a proven winner when it comes to a handle-less kitchen door with chic & sophistication.

Schuller Siena L277M Agate grey matt velvet

Schuller Siena L277M Agate Grey Matt Velvet is a very on trend handle-less kitchen with one of the richest shades of grey available. Agate Grey, one of 8 Velvet Matt doors is shown here as a solid colour choice and matching worktops

Schuller Strato Matt L187U Onyx black

Schuller Strato Matt L187U Onyx Black AFP is a new innovative door style that offers a rich Matt finish with Anti Fingerprint Technology.

Schuller Targa Steel dark effect and K793 Old Oak

Schuller Targa L587 Steel Dark Effect is shown in a mix with K793 Old Oak Barrique and matching L587 Steel Dark worktop. Also available in Steel Bronze L592 the Targa door style is an on trend and architecturally inspired style with urban chic

Schuller Uni P211 Sand grey high gloss

Schuller Uni P211 Sand Grey High Gloss shown here with K043 Castell Oak Anthracite worktop is a rich and glossy sand grey finish for the Uni door. Available in several other high gloss finishes.

Schuller Uni Matt P122 Crystal grey matt

Schuller Uni P122 Crystal Grey Matt shown here in a mix with L330 Pastel Yellow Satin and finished with K025 Concrete White Grey worktop

Schuller Uni Matt Grey

Schuller P122 Crystal Grey Matt is shown here with K810 Castell Beech worktop and a mix of L215 Pastel Green Satin doors to a small over counter run.

vienna L190 Lava black

Schuller Vienna L190 Lava Black Satin is a great example of the modern German answer to a Classic Shaker kitchen.

Schuller Targa Steel Bronze

Schuller Targa Steel Bronze is very on trend door style in a UV lacquer L592 to achieve a premium Steel Bronze effect finish.