As with the respected German ‘Bauhaus’ design concept, next125 focuses on the essential: authentic materials & timeless design combine to create visually purist and functional kitchens.


This is the NX870 kitchen style in Fenix Mocha Brown Fine Matt & Natural Walnut from Next 125 Kitchens. To see more details, click the above image or the following link NX870 Fenix Mocha Brown

NX912 Glass Matt Agate Grey

This is the very on trend Next125 Kitchens, NX912 Glass Matt Agate Grey & Cognac Satin mix for those who want a door style with a contemporary wow factor.

Next125 NX510 Sahara beige matt

This is the uber contemporary NX510 Sahara Beige Matt Velvet door style from our Next125 Kitchens range, mixed with MX640 Elegant Oak Pearl Grey. New for 2020 and following the “less is more”design principle.

next125 kitchens NX 510 & NX 505 mix-2

Shown here is Next125 kitchens NX 510 & NX 505 in a mix of sumptuous and rich Onyx black matt velvet AFP / Indian red matt velvet AFP & NX 505 in Misty blue Satin.

Next 125 kitchenette

Next 125 Kitchens, as with all of Schuller’s range, isnt just about having the atypical modern German kitchen, as this Next 125 kitchenette using NX505 Curry Satin & Crystal White Satin demonstrates.

next 125 kitchens - NX 640 Elegant oak

This is the NX640 Elegant Oak Graphite Grey & Cobalt Green Matt Velvet mix from Next 125 Designer german Kitchens, with an Anti-FingerPrint (AFP) coating to create a visual impressive hues with earthy contrast.

Schuller Next 125 kitchens - NX 500 Stone grey satin handle-less - 1

The Next125 NX500 Stone Grey, seen here in its wonderful handle-less door evokes a feel of of highly polished concrete that is on message for the latest in contemporary German kitchen design.

NX 510 Sand grey matt velvet

This is the NX 510 Sand Grey Matt Velvet door style from our Next125 Kitchens range, which is homely, natural, functional – the prerequisite requirements for a contemporary German kitchen

Next125 - NX 902 Glass matt bronze metallic

This is the very rich and sumptuous NX 902 G577 Glass Line Bronze matt metallic from Next 125 Designer German Kitchens.

Next125 Kitchens NX 500 Lava black

Shown here is the stunning Next 125 Designer Kitchen in NX 500 Lava Black Satin L190 with distinctive bold lines and a rich Satin finish.

next 125 kitchens NX 510 Sand grey matt

This is the Next125 Kitchens NX 510 Sand Grey Matt Velvet and Natural Knotty Oak Brushed mix for a designer German kitchen with stunning and contemporary visuals.

next 125 NX 950 Ceramic marble grigio effec

This is the NX 950 Ceramic Marble Grigio and Glass Matt Onyx Black shown with matching Ceramic Steel Grey worktops and end panels for a very architectural look from Next 125.

Next125 NX640 Elegant oak Tobacco

This is the NX640 Elegant Oak Tobacco & Ruby Red designer German kitchen from Next 125 Kitchens by Schuller.

NX 870 Fenix onyx black fine matt

NX 870 Fenix Onyx Black Fine Matt designer german kitchen by Next 125 with Anti Fingerprint technology (AFP) and mixed with NX650 in Larch Smoked.

NX 510 Agate Grey Matt Velvet

NX 510 Agate Grey Matt Velvet with Ceramic Marble Bianco shown here with floor-to-ceiling fitted tall units with fronts in exquisite ceramic marble bianco surface,

Next 125 Schuller Kitchen - NX500-Jaguar Green 1

This is the designer German kitchen from Next 125 Kitchens by Schuller uses a bold Nx500 Jaguar Green Satin and Old Oak