Next125 NX500 in Jaguar Green Satin
19 Jun

Next125 NX500 in Jaguar Green Satin

This is this designer German Kitchens offering from Schuller, is a true handle-less door in (L335) NX500 in Jaguar Green Satin from the Next125 Kitchens range.

Shown here with an array of styling and decorative features the NX500 in Jaguar Green Satin (colour ref L335) is a bold yet natural colour choice, which evokes memories of British Racing Green and success.

The planning of this kitchen plays well with contrasts from the massive kitchen block and block-like peninsular unit vs. floating base unit line being mounted on the wall.

Next 125 Schuller Kitchen - NX500 in Jaguar Green

The Satin lacquer finish delivers a sense of airiness, the ochre (a natural earth pigment containing hydrated iron oxide, which ranges in colour from yellow to deep orange or brown) and other earthy tones plus the fragrance of lavender and a primeval wild landscape. For all who see colour as a mood and perceive it intuitively the available variety of perfectly matched colours (Available in 25 additional colours to Jaguar Green) is vast so as to achieve a sensual and sensory pleasure when mixing colour tones within the NX500 repertoire.

Next 125 Schuller Kitchen - NX500-Jaguar Green - detail 1

The Next125 kitchens range has always been regarded as cutting edge, both in terms of styling and designs, but also in terms of functionality and like the premium brands of German cars, it is often technology appearing in the flagship models that filters down through the full range in successive years, and this format is no different with Schuller and its flagship in Next125 so we can expect to see some of the styling influences, materials and components filter down to the Schuller and Schuller C ranges in due time.

Sophisticated colours and materials united in an extraordinary kitchen formation. The cool, bright white of the worktop in Marble Carrara effect ( is a nice contrast to the warm appeal of the satin lacquer colour in jaguar green and the elements in old oak.

This water-based Dual Cure lacquer system with UV curing not only meets high ecological demands, but is also highly durable and resilient. The velvety matt, lightly textured finish makes the front very easy to care for. Satin lacquer is available in many colours.

As a Full Service company we Design Plan and Install your new Schuller German Kitchen project and fully manage it from start to finish and in addition to fitting the furniture we also complete any plumbing, electrical and gas works, in addition to any Extensions, Windows and Bi-fold doors that maybe required to create your perfect kitchen.

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