Our in-house planners and builders are experts when it comes to house extensions across  Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire and the Wirral and our building works are the natural partner for new kitchens in being able to design and build the containing house extension, garage conversion or conservatory our customers have the peace of mind in using a suitably qualified and professional full service company.

House extensions and kitchens has become one of our signature services across so if you’re looking for help with a potential extension or building works project and you’re not sure how to proceed or you want some inspiration and to discuss your options further then you’ve come to the right place as we can provide you with a no obligation quote and a free initial consultation with our architect and planning team to see what is the best way forward to make your plans a reality.

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We want to make the process of designing your new kitchen as easy as possible. For this reason we have several options to get a furniture quote. To have a quote done select your quote choice here. You can have a design and quote done in-store, online, and even a home visit.


A house extension can be a daunting task to a homeowner but in the hands of professionals what seems like a complicated process is made simple when a thorough and detailed planning and project management process is followed to the letter.

Our in-house Planning and Building Team take the headaches and stress away from getting a home extension by providing a complete solution including expert architectural advice, planning permission, steel works and of course the construction and installation of the kitchen.

Here is a  brief run down of the steps involved in getting a house extension-  


The first step before any extension plans are made is to have an in-depth look at your property and the available space there is to work with to transform your home and realise your ideal solution.

As part of this we inspect the entire property and its current drainage, power outlets, other utilities and any essential features that may need to be moved, enhanced or altered as part of the project. Following this we will discuss with you what is possible with what is available and feasible which we then follow up with a quote for the proposed works to be done.

PLANNING PERMISSION (in-house Chartered Town Planner and Architect)

Whilst planning permission has been streamlined in recent years, particularly when it comes to small single story extensions our in-house team includes a Chartered Town Planner and Architect to keep on the right side of the planning rules and regulations and helps avoid any unnecessary delays and costs that other home interior companies have in outsourcing this service.

We take care of the planning and any permission (if required) and make sure that all the work is legal, safe and to the high standard you would expect it to be.

Planning permissions vary for house extensions so as part of the consultation we will thoroughly advise you as to your options in the space that you have and the planning implications involved.

Schuller German Kitchen home extensionOnce we know the dimensions we have to work with, the planning permissions and we know of all drainage, power and utilities required we can begin to properly plan the extension and its build.

We listen to your requirements and how we can make your dream a reality whilst and our expert architect will design the plans for the work and when you’re happy with what you see we can proceed with the construction. 

Following the architectural plans the construction begins. The construction utilises several people of different expertise to get the job done – from steel workers, bricklayers, joiners, electricians to plasters and plumbers. 

All of our customers are kept informed of each and every step of the project to ensure we deliver the project on time, to ours and yours exacting standard and to budget.

*All works and Architectural design services managed by in-house chartered town planner and surveyor