Next 125 German Kitchens from Schuller

A premium Designer German made kitchen offering, without the ‘designer’ price tag. As with the Bauhaus concept, next125 kitchens focuses on the essential: authentic materials and a timeless design combine to create effectively purist and functional kitchens

The next125 design principles – precision, elegance, creativity, reduction, functionality, emotion and technology

Over 1,500 employees manufacture in excess of 118,000 Next125 designer kitchens every year from the Herrieden facility in Franconia – and every single one individually tailored to the customer’s exacting requirements.

Made in Germany and environmentally sound Next125 and Schuller are active internationally and fast becoming the go to German kitchen brand for modern home owners, architects and executive home property developers in the markets of the UK, Germany, the rest of Europe and beyond.

Always open to new ideas. Always a step ahead. Always in search of the optimum. Always ready for another leap into the future. Always in the sense of the Bauhaus philosophy Next125 brings the designs of tomorrow, for the prices of today. “The democratization of design – well shaped and attractively priced.”

“Design in harmony with nature and price” is more than just a phrase with Next 125 Kitchens – Schuller are committed to making an active contribution to environmental protection through commitment to the region: through responsible production, the use of recyclable materials, and extensive investments in innovative, environmentally sound and efficient processes. After all, quality also means quality of life and Schuller strike out in new directions and build kitchens meeting the highest design standards: with optimum focus value for money, because the kitchen is a room not just for cooking. it is more. It is expression and a reflection of lifestyle, of needs.

The next125 kitchens, manufactured in Germany, are synonymous with minimalisim and clean aesthetics. In their timelessness they are the deliberate and classic alternative to fast-paced trends.

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