NX 510 matt velvet colour choices
01 Oct

NX 510 matt velvet colour choices

This is the Next125 Kitchens NX 510 Sand Grey Matt Velvet and Natural Knotty Oak Brushed mix for a designer German kitchen with stunning and contemporary visuals.

The matt lacquered surface of the sand grey matt velvet base units exudes clarity and calm, while the natural knotty oak with its lively graining and brushed surface has a soothing effect.

A truly special kitchen design on display here which is an attractive alternative to the basic kitchen layouts normally used.

NX 510 Sand grey matt velvet

above: The separate cooking island for preparation and cooking is a bold statement that makes this kitchen layout a must have for any home chef. The third island with the solid breakfast bar allows for informal dining and entertaining to be kept away from the action zones, when in use.

below: Wall-mounted cubes make work in the kitchen so much easier and quicker. Everything is instantly on hand. Particularly practical – the next125 panel garden for fresh herbs with daylight illumination and an integrated, timer-controlled lighting also makes them suitable for rooms with lower natural light levels.Wall-mounted cubes – Next125 NX 950

Ceramic is ideal for kitchens: foods can be hygienically processed directly on the surface. Furthermore, the material is resistant to cutting and heat. Used for worktops for many years, the next logical step is ceramic kitchen fronts. As with porcelain, this natural, man-made material only contains substances which also occur naturally in this form. This means that the material is environmentally sound and can be fully recycled.

Next 125 Kitchens – NX 510 Matt Velvet Colour Choices

NX 510 Matt Velvet Colour Choices

Being a AEG Appliance Partner we are also able to offer near trade prices for AEG appliances when purchased with your Schuller or Next 125 kitchen design project.

If you want to talk more about Next125 NX 510 Matt Velvet or any other of our Next125 Kitchens, or any other Schuller product, you can speak to a designer today.

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