Biella L485 Moss green satin

If you are looking for something completely different for your next kitchen, why not consider Schuller Biella L485 Moss Green Satin. A fine example of what can be achieved with some boldness in your new kitchen design.

The Biella door is a versatile option for any new kitchen and there are more than enough staying options to choose from. One of the more bolder colour choices is none other than Moss Satin Green. In the flesh, Moss Satin Green is not as luminescent as it appears in photos and we have heard it described as a “more racier version of British Racing Green”, which we liked.

Front finish: Schuller Biella L485 Moss Green Satin
System: 78 cm
Handle: 485
Worktop: K026 Stromboli grey
Picture details:
– Wall shelves with built-in spotlight, in K505 natural knotty oak effect
– Corner lifter
– Open shelf base unit with two cross dividers for an Eco Wine Cooler
– Pull-out base unit for recyclable waste bag

Schuller Biella L485 Moss green satin living room
Schuller Biella L485 Moss green satin waste bin

With Biella from Schuller there are many kitchen ideas that can come to life. The only limitation is your imagination.

You can choose from

Schuller Biella Door Colour Choices

Available Door Front finishes:

– Biella L220 Terracotta Red Satin
– Biella L090 Crystal White Satin
– Biella L100S White Satin
– Biella L135S Magnolia Satin
– Biella L150S Cream Vanilla Satin
– Biella L120 Crystal Grey Satin
– Biella L235 Stone Grey Satin
– Biella L275 Agate Gret Satin
– Biella L285S Anthracite Satin
– Biella L190 Lava Black Satin
– Biella L210 Sand Grey Satin
– Biella L445 Truffle Brown Satin
– Biella L225 Sunny Yellow Satin
– Biella L230 Fiery Red Satin
– Biella L280 Aqua Blue Satin
– Biella L485 Moss Green Satin
– Biella L455 Curry Yellow Satin
– Biella L360 Blue/Grey Satin
– Biella L460 Sage Green Satin
– Biella L330 Pastel Yellow Satin
– Biella L385 Pastel Rose Satin
– Biella L365 Glacier Blue Satin
– Biella L215 Pastel Green Satin
– Biella L435 Broom Satin

German Made – Quality Assured

As a design specialist and the UK’s leading Schuller supplier we know a thing or two about the brand we love and whilst we have an extensive portfolio of customer projects we are always learning and always creating the best designs we can for our clients.

With one of the World’s leading german made kitchen brands, in Schuller we get to craft stunning designs for our clients but we are able to so with a clarity or purpose and a superior confidence, in knowing that our designs will look just as good in real life, as they do in the 3D computer design. Because of the furniture that is the foundation behind those fabulous looking door and drawer fronts we are able to create knowing that everything fits together, without need to compromise or improvise

As is the true German way, each item of Schuller kitchens furniture is pre-assembled so as to reduce fitting times and the fitting issues more commonly associated with non german kitchens, were fitters quite often have to improvise.

There are No improvisations necessary with Schuller Biella L485 Moss Green Satin, or indeed any other style we offer.