For a bold colourful kitchen try Biella L485 Moss Green Satin
20 Dec

For a bold colourful kitchen try Biella L485 Moss Green Satin

For a bold colourful kitchen try Biella L485 Moss Green Satin. Schuller Kitchens are the respected german made furniture brand and Biella L485 in Moss Green Satin is a new and vibrant addition for the Schuller C collection. Perfect for those a little more daring than the neighbours whom are wishing to inject some bold colour into their home interior.

Schuller Biella L485 Moss green satin living room

Above: This great storage solution in Moss Green Satin is simply using the Biella furniture as mixed height storage that extends the kitchen footprint out beyond the traditional U-shape format and helps to facilitate a much more open plan room as a result.

By utilising the Schuller furniture in this way it is easy to create combined living & kitchen space. Perfect for modern urban and apartment living or when removing the dividing walls in your home..

Below: Whilst all of the Schuller doors can be affixed to all the furniture formats, shown below is an open faced under counter cabinet with L485 Moss Green Satin interior colours, to match the Biella door fronts to the rest of the cabinetry.

Open storage can be a great tool to mix up the room a little of form and with the wooden storage inserts shown below you can transform an open faced cabinet into a wine rack.

The ‘rustic’ power free wine cooler shown above is perfect for wine lovers who don’t want to have complicated, multiple temperature controlled zones. It magically keeps all of your wine at room temperature regardless of the weather outside…

Front combination: Schuller Biella L485 Moss green satin

System: 78 cm

Handle: 485

Worktop: K026 Stromboli grey

Picture details:
– Open shelf base unit with two cross dividers (being used as a wine rack as shown above)
–  Pull-out base unit for recyclable waste as shown (below right)
– Pop up Power socket (below left) which recesses into the worktop
– Pop up Power Clever Storage Shelf with socket (below bottom) is a great space saving idea to put small kitchen appliances like coffee makers, toasters or crockpots neatly away when not being used.

Schuller Biella L485 Moss green satin waste bin Schuller Biella L485 Moss green satin

Other Colour Options for Schuller Biella

The Schuller Biella door style is available in a range of satin colours from the Moss Green Satin shown here, a Bold Fiery through to other softer tones such as the Stone grey or Agate Grey which have become very popular and as always, with Schuller you can have complete confidence that when you inject colour into your kitchen, and use decorative panels, open kitchen cabinet storage etc etc that the colours will always match across your furniture choices.

Schuller Biela Colour Chart

Want to know more about Biella L485 Moss Green Satin?

Or perhaps you like the look of another Schuller or Next 125 style? At LDK we have a showroom in St Helens Lancashire and one in Cheadle, Manchester, plus a Free Home Design Visit service perfect for Liverpool, Manchester, Chester.

Please get in touch to order a brochure or speak to our Design Team about your next kitchen being Schuller..

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