Colour Concept from Schuller
19 Dec

Colour Concept from Schuller

For colour inspiration, look no further than Colour Concept from Schuller Kitchens

According to the latest Houzz Trend Predictions for 2020, coloured kitchens are going to feature heavily throughout the year. fear not as Schuller have you covered, so look no further that Colour Concepts from Schuller Kitchens

Inspiration for Kitchens of Colour

Biella L385 Pastel Rosé Satin
Schuller Biella L385 Pastel rosé satin.

Colours create highlights, give a room its ambience, whether light or extravagant, young and dynamic or unobtrusive and elegant. A kitchen in our favourite colour can make us all happy and it is with this in mind that Colour Concept from Schuller has been developed.

If you are looking for something completely different for your new kitchen, perhaps consider Schuller Biella L385 Pastel rosé satin. Its a great example of what can be achieved with some pastel colouring in your new kitchen design.

Schuller Fino L091U Crystal Gloss and K650 Old oak
Schuller Fino Crystal Gloss

High-grade lacquered surfaces (like the Fino Crystal Gloss in Pastel rosé satin above) are carefully produced in line with high quality standards guarantee a perfect, homogeneous look.

The water-based Dual Cure lacquer system with UV curing not only meets ecological demands but is also highly durable and resilient. The velvety matt, lightly textured finish makes the front very easy to look after.

Kitchens of Colour from Schuller -Havanna Brown & Curry
Schuller Alea Havanna Brown Matt & Curry Satin

This Alea Door in Havanna Brown L272M with a matt velvet finish, paired with Alea L455 Curry satin is a great combination. The boldness of the Curry yellow is offset by the more muted Havanna Brown and by using plain white for the wall colour choice, this kitchen is good inspiration for injecting some colour into the room.

Kitchens of Colour - Schuller Glacier Blue
Schueller Biella Glacier blue satin

Schuller Biella in L365 Glacier blue satin is a more subtle colour choice if you prefer your colour inspiration to be more towards the pastel shades and Glacier Blue in a satin finish, as shown here is an interesting shade as the room lighting (as it changes through the day) can make the colour seem cooler or warmer depending on the level of natural light. if you look at the above showroom image, we perhaps would suggest to use a solid colour block and do away with the wooden crate storage as that would be more at home in a more rustic setting.

Kitchens of Colour Biella Aqua blue
Schuller Biella L280 Aqua blue satin

They say fortune favours the brave and Schuller Biella L280 Aqua blue satin is probably as bold as you can get with kitchen colours, save for Schuller Fiery Red Satin.

Blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is often sensitivity associated with open spaces, freedom and whilst some shades of blue can be quite calming, Aqua Blue satin, shown here is more passionate and engaging color that expresses exhilaration.

Schuller Curry Colour Accents
Schuller Elba K023 Concrete Quartz Grey with Curry Colour Accents

When considering injecting more colour into your home and especially in the kitchen, you don’t just have to think in terms of the door fronts.

Looking at the above image which is the Schuller Elba door in K023 Concrete Quartz Grey, you may think just looking at a close of of the kitchen island that it wasnt very colourful. Yet when you take a step back and look at the subtle use of with Curry Colour Accents to the splash back and wall covering you can see that you don’t have to go overboard and sometimes less can be more akin to your personal preferences.

schuller glassline gloss kitchen
Customer Project using Colour Concept from Schuller

As the photo of this open plan living space and kitchen demonstrate for a customer project, there are a number of focal points to the kitchen, all enhanced by the featured lighting which only enhances the contrasting red and white colours more so.

This customer project demonstrates just how a little bit of colour can dramatically change the overall look and feel.

Schuller Colour Concept Choices
Schuller Colour Concept Choices

As shown in the Colour Concept chart above, there are many luxurious colours to choose from, either as a solid colour choice, or to mix and match with others from the 23 different satin lacquer colour finishes on offer.

Schuller Kitchens Colour Concept

Houzz is considered the world’s leading platform for home design ideas and design led inspiration so whilst the traditional German made kitchen in Uk homes, (including those from Schuller) have predominantly been monochrome in recent years, Schuller has made colourful kitchens for years. It just that they were favoured more in Europe and not in the UK, until now.

If you are looking at Kitchens of Colour, Schuller furniture have all of the above and more so feel free to get in touch and ask for a brochure or speak to our designers for some guidance on Colour Concept from German Kitchens brand, Schuller.

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