Cremona  K793 Old Oak Provence from Schuller Kitchens
23 Nov

Cremona K793 Old Oak Provence from Schuller Kitchens

Schuller Cremona K793 Old Oak Provence from German Kitchens NW is a recent addition to the Schuller C range and this timber textured finish is fast becoming a popular and contemporary styling choice for those whom prefer to have something different when choosing their next German kitchen…

In addition to K793 Old Oak Provence the timber textured Cremona door is also available in K793 Old Oak Barrique & K523 Moor Oak which give home owners and kitchen designers numerous colour and textured choices safe in the knowledge that each door, drawer and fascia (no matter what colour) is perfectly matched and aligned to fit and work seamlessly with your other Schuller furniture styling choices.

Door Front combination: Schuller Cremona K793 Old Oak Provence synchronised pore effect and L481U Indigo blue high gloss

System: 78 cm

Worktop: K790 Old oak barrique effect

Special features:
Illuminated shelves / Recess cladding in MM84L  design grey / Mechanical  drawer/pull-out opening system TIP-ON

Schuller Cremona K793 Old Oak Provence

Schuller_kitchens German Made

Affordable Performance – German Made
With Schuller, quality doesn’t have to come with a premium price tag. Simply by being more efficient and advanced in their manufacturing and selling more kitchens throughout Europe enables Schuller to be competitive on the lower brand names on price, whilst competing with the premium brand names on quality.

Schuller kitchens are the premium German made kitchens from LDK (leading UK supplier of Schuller) but without the premium price tag….

To book a FREE design appointment, request a brochure or to see what LDK and Schuller can do for your next kitchen please feel free to get in touch…

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