Modern Kitchen Solutions – Lighting
30 Jun

Modern Kitchen Solutions – Lighting

Having effective lighting in your kitchen is imperative when it comes to functionality and design. There are several different types of lighting that you should be looking at when it comes to planning your kitchen or even just updating your current kitchen with some new technology and enhanced aesthetics.


From energy saving light bulbs to LED’s what really matters it that the product you are buying is  engineered for the right task at hand.Next125 the designer kitchen brand from Schuller offers homeowners and interior designers a wide range of lighting products such as Wall light boards which have the ability to completely change the mood of a kitchen, by enhancing or focusing on a specific feature or by creating shadows and highlights to change the way our eyes perceive the kitchen.

Another  example would be to include some interior lights in your cupboards that can highlight certain key feature pieces in your kitchen that you may wish to accentuate. Wall light boards and LED illuminated wall shelf wings are also a great feature to have in the kitchen because they add dimension with the functionality of a regular shelf (as shown below).


The most popular of choices when it comes to lighting is obviously built in LED’s with another variation called swing LED’s. These along with underside lighting (shown above) are a must in every kitchen. They’re great for over sink and hob units because they allow you to see what you’re doing better and they illuminate the worktop and provide practicality to the kitchen, giving you the maximum benefit from your lighting.

Incorporating key lighting pieces into your kitchen will change the whole design to make a creative statement and with Next125 from Schuller there are a multitude of options to help you create a bespoke and personal feel to your new or existing kitchen.

To book a FREE design appointment to see what LDK, Next125 & Schuller can do for your next kitchen, or request a brochure please feel free to contact us in the most convenient way.

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