NEW – Next125 Kitchens NX 902 Glass matt platinum metallic (G572)
15 Jul

NEW – Next125 Kitchens NX 902 Glass matt platinum metallic (G572)

New for the 2016 collection from Schuller flagship designer brand Next125 Kitchens is the NX 902 Glass matt platinum metallic (G572).

People have always been fascinated by glass. Transparent and yet at the same time hard and robust. Glass has featured in art and culture as a symbol of quality and prosperity for centuries and one advantage in the kitchen is glass is exceedingly hygienic and easy to clean. What‘s more, glass has a unique surface with a precious matter shimmer instead of strongly contrasting light reflexes. It all appears a little quieter and more subdued.

 Next125 Kitchens

Available in Matt Platinum Metallic as shown here the NX 902 Next125 style also comes in Matt Polar White, Crystal White, Matt White, Matt Crystal Grey, Matt Indigo Blue, Matt Lava Black and Matt Bronze Metallic which is also new for 2016.

As with the Glasline in the normal Schuller range the glass panel adds an assured weightiness to the door and whilst the visuals are enhanced they are also protected with the glass front shielding the sumptuous matt finish from scratches, knocks and those unforeseen events such as helpful children attempting to remove sticky food stains with a Brillo pad!

Next125 kitchens are the premium offering from the highly regarded Schuller Kitchens which LDK (as a leading UK supplier of Schuller) has exclusive opportunities on offer for UK customers, in addition to internet based pricing and often lower the web based prices on Siemens appliances.

To book a design appointment, or request a brochure please feel free to contact us in the most convenient way and we will show you that premium German made kitchens (with LDK & Schuller) don’t have to come with premium price tags..

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