Schuller Canto Satin Shaker in Sand Grey
02 Nov

Schuller Canto Satin Shaker in Sand Grey

Shown here is a new door style, Schuller Canto Satin Shaker in Sand Grey, for a perfect mix of german made kitchen paired with sophisticated traditional shaker style charm.

Also available in Crystal White Satin (L090), White Satin (L100S), Crystal Grey Satin (L120), Stone Grey Satin (L235), Magnolia Satin (L135S), Seashell White Satin (L095) to the likes of Terra Grey Satin (L260), a bold Autumn Red Satin (L305) and many many more colour choices for the perfect designer german kitchen, if the Sand Grey Satin shaker choice is not to your liking.

To us, one thing is clear: both young and old will have fun cooking and spending time together in this kitchen!

Schuller Canto Sand Grey Satin Shaker

above left: When you look closer, the kitchen reveals further highlights: a dark worktop, which forms an interesting contrast to the light fronts, curved plinth feet and matching shelf brackets for this end of island open storage.

As with all of the storage solutions from Schuller, they can be highly customised to your preferences and unique needs with multiple configuration options.

above right: The shaker is truly a kitchen design classic and with its unique styling, Schuller has perfectly balanced the delivery of modern function over classical aesthetics. The Sand Grey Satin (L210) is also a truly wonderful colour choice.

Schuller Canto Satin Shaker

above left: The use of chunky shelves for open storage and decorative storage shown here are all available in your chosen colour, factory supplied, for that added degree of personalisation. Each use of your chosen colour is perfectly colour matched to the door and drawer fronts for seamless integration.

above right: Right away you can see the attention to detail. The pull-out hob shelf with slip-resistant strips for pots and pans, the pillared open shelf unit and the plate shelf with its grooved back panel give the kitchen a country charm.

Schuller Canto Shaker in Sand grey Satin

There is the extensive range of Schuller accessories to make your kitchen bespoke to your styling needs and wants. All you need to do is let your designer know and let us create your perfect kitchen….

Schuller Canto Satin Shaker Door Colour Options

Durable and easy to clean: This water-based Dual Cure lacquer system with UV drying meets environmental requirements as well as high resistance and resilience. Due to the slightly textured surface, the front is easy to clean. Satin lacquer is available in the Colour Concept.

Schuller Canto Satin Shaker colour choices

Being an AEG & Siemens Appliance Partner we are also able to offer near trade prices for AEG & Siemens appliances when purchased with your Schuller Canto Satin Shaker in Sand Grey, any any other Schuller style or Next 125 kitchen design project.

If you want to talk more about Schuller Kitchens, you can speak to a designer today.

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