Schuller Cortina Titanium Metallic
21 Sep

Schuller Cortina Titanium Metallic

This is Schuller Cortina Titanium Metallic, a new door style for a very sophisticated and elegant use of metallics in your next kitchen design, but with added warmth.

Metallic inspired door fronts are a growing trend and whilst some may prefer a more industrial feel, Cortina Titanium Metallic and its sister colour choice, Cortina Stainless Steel Metallic are for those who prefer a more subtle use of metallics in their kitchen with a softer and warmer aesthetic. 

below: Clever storage. The deep drawer packs from Schuller are equipped with elegant natural oak inserts, which not only allow for unmatched levels of access to their contents, but they can be arranged and organised to your specific requirements.

Schuller Cortina Titanium Metallic - drawer packs
Schuller Cortina Titanium Metallic - clever storage

above left: In addition to configuring cabinets and drawers for specific tasks or storage requirements, Schuller offer a range of supporting accessories to aid each intended purpose, for example, canvas sacks (with handles) so that your recycling efforts are made easy come collection day.

above right: Angled storage can also be arranged to offer more unique storage solutions. Here, for example are sloped shelves to allow for small bottle/drink crates to be stored for both ease of use and easy removal come recycling/collection.

This kitchen means pleasure for all senses. Nothing seems out of place in this kitchen. This is above all due to the fact that everything, apart from the oven and steamer, is hidden behind closed doors. The doors are cladded with two different fronts: in the titanium metallic effect and the old oak barrique synchronised pore effect. A perfect team!

New Cortina door choices include Cortina Titanium Metallic and its sister colour choice, Cortina Stainless Steel Metallic. Both feature a hard-wearing, metallic coloured front with PVC-free surface produced by applying a high-quality PET foil onto an MDF substrate which was then lacquered in the production process.

Being a AEG Appliance Partner we are also able to offer near trade prices for AEG appliances when purchased with our furniture, as part of your next kitchen design project

If you want to talk more about Schuller Cortina Titanium Metallic, or indeed any other style or customer project, you can speak to our designers today!

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